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    Who owns and runs SpinDeals?

    The SpinDeals App is owned by M.V.P Innovative Marketing Solutions Ltd, a tech startup focused on developing applications for the B2C markets in Europe. SpinDeals is the debut project of the company.

    Our Business Perspective
    Let’s face it! People love playing games, especially on mobile, and it’s one of the best ways to attract users and retain their interest. Mobile is the biggest channel for customers to engage and interact with companies on the web, social media, through apps, and via advertising. It’s called gamification and it has now become one of the latest significant trends because it works.

    What businesses use this technique? In what industries does it fit? Practically any B2C company within any industry can use this method to maximize the engagement of their consumers, be it brands with no physical stores who are only online or even home-made hand-crafted ventures on social media.

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