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    What is SpinDeals App?

    SpinDeals is an awesome mobile App with the best deals and coupons from across Cyprus and Greece. The App gives the opportunity to play and win unique coupons from different shops and services.

    You simply search for a store you like that is near you, spin the wheel and win your prize. No prepaid coupons. No emails. Just show the coupon that you have won at the store and redeem it. As simple as that.

    Want more benefits?
    All deals are divided into categories on a user-friendly interface. Our application provides all the necessary information relevant to every place. In the case you spin and lose, you can tell your friends to try their luck. If they win, all of you may enjoy a great deal together or send it to one another.

    What we do
    We organize special events and competitions with our partner stores to give you the opportunity to win amazing deals from your favorite places. The App has navigation integration so that you can find places near you and start spinning! Why not start saving money on items or hangouts you will enjoy anyway?

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