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    What does it offer to businesses?

    Let’s Face it!! People love playing games, especially on mobile and it’s one of the best ways to attract them and retain their interest. Mobile is now the biggest channel for customers to engage and interact with companies on the Web, social media, through apps, and via advertising. It’s called Gamification, and it’s now one of the latest significant trends because it works.

    Users can easily see all the deals, new promotions, coupons and media events, competitions and campaigns that you worked so hard to create. We will organize all of the above and promote them in a fun and innovative way that guarantees brand awareness and actual sales.

    We partner with all business types. Just contact us for more details. SpinDeals App gives a great opportunity to every entrepreneur in Cyprus and Greece (Athens) to promote his/her business, as well as the provided products and services.

    SpinDeals App is an awesome and free mobile application that divides deals and competitions in a user-friendly interface. It is the perfect application to help your business grow. Register and promote your business, attract new clients and increase your sales.

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