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    How do I register my business?

    There are two ways to register your business. You can either start by filling in the form on our contact page online, or by calling us and booking a meeting. In any case either via email or during the meeting we would need to fill in the registration form and sign the subscription agreement.

    To register to SpinDeals you need to provide basic company information, address, links to website and social media, and cover photos. Once the initial paperwork is complete we can proceed and adjust your spins and prizes. For this we will need:

    • Description of prize(s) – we recommend you have at least 2 special offers;
    • Spin frequency – adjust how many times users can win per week;
    • Win by day – adjust during what days users can actually win prizes;

    Once we have this basic information, we will create your own spin page, list your deals and let users spin. Thereafter you can contact us to modify your deals, frequency and limits.

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